Our history

Monique TouzeauThe Touzeau label and its reputation are known, not only around the Geneva lake, but worldwide for its good taste in the art of tableware, decoration and furniture.

Chocolat gave birth to the Touzeau shops. As a matter of fact my husband and I owned a chocolat and confectioner’s shop as well as a tea-room in Annemasse, 9km away from the Swiss border. As success grew our customers would crowd our shop in order to taste our delicious pastries and chocolat. One day I was asked by a number of clients to present my chocolates in crystal bowls and decorative boxes so they could be offered as gifts.

Rapidly I convinced my husband to open up a small gift shop, Maurice was insisting small… we need you at the pastry shop, and here I am a young girl working together with my parents, themselves already in the “Art of Tableware”.

My passion was carried away by the desire to express myself fully in the art of living. It is at that time in 1968 that the first Touzeau shop was opened with already all the top brands. Béatrice and Bruno, both of our children, once their studies finished, expressed the wish to learn the same profession as their mother.

some important dates

1976 The opening of Beatrice’s shop in Annemasse for everyday and casual tableware

1980 Bruno joins the family business 

1981 Bruno is away 6 months in the United States
The confectioner’s shop is sold and Maurice joins the company

1983 Opening of Touzeau in Geneva – Rue du Mont-Blanc

1986 Opening of a second shop in Geneva at Confederation Centre
Re-grouping of the 2 shops in Annemasse (France) under the same arcade – Place de l’Hôtel de Ville

1988 Closure of Confederation Centre
Purchasing and re-designing the Christofle boutique in Geneva

1989 Opening of Touzeau in Thonon (France). Maurice is the manager

1993 The Christofle boutique is sold and Touzeau moves to the Croix d’Or, in Geneva

2000 Thonon is sold in order to prepare for our arrival in Montreux
Birth of Touzeau Montreux, managed by Maurice and Monique

2001 Opening of the Lalique Boutique in Geneva

2008 One outstanding Touzeau shop in Geneva, rue du Rhône

2011 We now have 3 beautiful selling points :
  • Annemasse (France) under Bruno's management
  • Geneva under Béatrice's management
  • Montreux under the care and supervision of the presidents and directors Maurice & Monique